A Celebration of Music and Community

03 February 2022

Our Annual Music Concert is back!
Last Friday’s concert at The Concourse, Chatswood was just sublime! To witness the glorious sight and sounds of Classes 5 and 6 and Years 7-11 come together to perform the final piece, O Fortuna, from Carmina Burana, was indeed icing on the cake, on what was an entertaining evening featuring a diverse repertoire, performed to the highest level. Our students relished being in such an impressive performance space, responding enthusiastically to the feedback of their Music teachers and ensemble leaders during the daytime rehearsal, to create magical sounds and lasting memories for their audience come concert time. Music plays such a central role within our School’s program; we sing, all of us, to belong, to connect, to grow and learn and our students enjoy being part of an instrumental ensemble or group from a young age, all of which plays an integral part in developing each child’s sense of self.

Thanks especially to Ian Munns (Head of Music), Alleyne Moss (Music Teacher), to Evan Sanders (Stage Manager), Dani Finch and Yura Totsuka (Chief Marshalls), Gavin Libotte, Roscoe Frazier, Adriaan Mees and Christine Young (Music Ensemble leaders), Julie Monteban (Music Administrator), and to all teachers and professional services staff who helped in the design and execution of this whole-school event.

Strategy Development Process
Glenaeon’s Strategy, approved by the School Board, guides short to medium term direction and ambition for the School.  The current Strategy is now due for renewal and later this month, the process of developing the next strategic plan will begin.  The School is seeking to design a strategy that honours its history, remains true to the principles of Steiner education and clearly articulates the direction for its next stage of growth.  We have invited the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) Leadership Centre to lead the facilitation of this work.  A consultative process that will include opportunities for input from staff, parents and students, the new Strategy will be launched at the start of 2024.

Communication Review
Thank you to those who have already responded to the school-wide survey, open to all members of the community. You can access it here. The survey will be open for responses until Monday 28 August.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,
Diana Drummond
Head of School