To Truly Know Yourself

03 February 2022

‘To Truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take a real interest in the world’ – Rudolf Steiner

I came across this magnificent quote in preparation for a key meeting this week. I love how it speaks to the need for us to be reflective in our thinking as well as expansive; to be curious and open to new and different perspectives and at the same time, consider the set of experiences that shape who we are and what we stand for.

Towards the Future

The process of developing Glenaeon’s next strategic plan began in earnest this week with a core team of senior staff meeting for a full day to surface the case for evolving the school’s current strategy, to imagine the future, acknowledge the past and to consider key challenges and opportunities we currently face. A consultative process, the first opportunity for Glenaeon community members to hear about our progress and provide input will be via zoom on Tuesday September 19 at 7pm. This session will be co-led by me and our strategy consultant at the Association of Independent Schools (AISNSW), Robyn Edwards.  Please save the date for this important event. Formal invitation and Zoom link will follow.

Student Wellbeing Framework

Parents and Carers will be aware that the development of Glenaeon’s Wellbeing Framework has been a central piece of work in 2023. Come along to the Sylvia Brose Hall on Wednesday 13 September, 7pm-8pm, to hear about our progress, view the draft framework and give us feedback through focused discussion. Book your spot here.

Communication Review Update

Thank-you to the many individuals who contributed to the community-wide survey. We move now to the data analysis phase and to using initial insights to shape the conversation with the Class Parent Focus Group coming up before the end of term, and with 1:1 conversations that will be conducted with a cross-section of the Glenaeon community.

Wishing all the fathers, grandfathers and father figures a beautiful Sunday,
Diana Drummond
Head of School