Term 2 CIP deadline 5pm Thursday 24th June

17 June 2021

It’s time to submit your Term 2 CIP credits! Read below for information on how to submit. You can start submitting any time from now until 5pm Thursday 24th June. No submissions will be accepted after this cut-off date.

Each family is billed $160 per term for the Community Involvement Program. When voluntary work is done and registered, it can be credited back to your account at the rate of $20 per hour (in other words 8 hours per term will entitle you to the full $160 credit).  As there are many families at Glenaeon it takes some time to process the credits for everybody so we ask that you submit your Term 2 CIP hours by 5pm Thursday 24th June in order to have them credited back to you.

The CIP form is available online so it’s very simple to do! Go to , fill out the form and hit ‘submit’. There is a link to the form on GLO as well.

Note, you must submit your CIP hours worked regardless of which committee/event/role you participate in or hold. Note that credits are not carried over from one year to the next. For any questions, refer to GLO or contact Amanda Ford via email: