Surf's up for Year 10

28 February 2020

Each and every year the Year 10 class can look forward to an exciting time in PDHPE that includes surfing in Term 1 and sailing, stand up paddling (SUP) and windsurfing in Term 4. The water setting brings with it a wealth of new experiences for the students as they are exposed to new sports in relation to water and ways to get active in nature which can lead to a lifelong association with one of the sports learned. Over the years, many Glenaeon students have subsequently continued to participate and practice a water sport in their own free time.

The surfing program is a great way to get fit as surfing requires board handling, paddling, balance, courage and a fair bit of guts to conquer the waves which sometimes are small but can get quite big too. Manly Surf School has been our partner over the years and their instructors together with the teachers provide a safe and challenging environment for the students to learn in.

Every Friday afternoon they set out to improve their skills and ride endless waves at Long Reef Beach or Collaroy Beach. The sense of achievement and the growth in confidence are just two very notable attributes in all students.