Steiner Schools Athletics Carnival

20 September 2019

On a great spring day 150 keen Middle School Glenaeon students from Yr 7-Yr 10 boarded three buses in their respective house colour red, blue or green to compete in the annual Steiner School’s Athletics carnival on the Central Coast in a great meeting of 100s of other students from Steiner schools in Newcastle, Maitland, Linuel (from Sydney) and the Central Coast itself as the host of this event.


All students had been prepared for this day of friendly competition by practising the respective athletics events at school and competed against the other houses for points and glory and but ultimately for the satisfaction of achieving something for themselves and for demonstrating great sportsmanship and team spirit, particularly in the 4x100m relay races.

As we ran out of time the much loved “Teacher’s 100m” race for glory could not happen as the day was too busy with many students competing in 8 different disciplines around a great athletics oval.

Each year some of the NSW Steiner schools meet twice, in autumn in Sydney in the pool and in spring on an athletics track in the Central Coast to celebrate colourful games, movement and fun by joining together and recognising each other in competing and achieving together. It is always a pleasure to catch up with other colleagues, work with them so the students in our care can have a meaningful and uplifting experience and grow stronger and more purposeful into their physical bodies!

The blue house/colour team won both events as it somehow has the most dedicated competitors among them who give their all to achieve great results in the water and on the tracks. Runner up was again the red team and green was beaten only by a very small margin!

Let’s do it all again in 2020 and may the red and green colour teams challenge for a win!

Many thanks to Luca Bradfield for these photographs

- Jonas Stoebe