Sport Club kicks off for Classes 4-6 with Jonas

05 August 2021

Glenaeon students are reminded of the importance of keeping up physical activity during the lockdown period.  Now, Students from Class 4-6 can participate in Sports Club with Glenaeon’s PDHPE Teacher and host Jonas Stoebe. Jonas will be running Sports Club each Monday from 2:30pm for an hour, via Zoom. This week students gathered together online and were coached through a number of sets of exercises including stretching, planking and other movements that got the heart pumping!  The session  provided a social moment to reconnect with other students and enjoy some fun and activity together. Jonas said, “Students can get some healthy time away from their study desk, take their device outside, enjoy a workout together and share interests and skills. I look forward to energising the young each week!”

For more information, go to the Sports Club page on GLO. BYO juggling balls next week.