Shepherds' Play

10 December 2022

Each year, following in the traditions of the earliest Waldorf/Steiner schools, Glenaeon teachers rehearse and perform one of the Oberufer Christmas plays. The form of theatre illustrated in the Shepherds’ Play developed during the Medieval period and plays of this kind are known as Mystery Plays. Singing binds both scripted and non-scripted action, and viewing the performance is always a lovely way to enter into the Christmas season.

These events celebrate the concept of ‘new beginnings’. At this time of year, while we draw on Christian traditions, we also consciously focus on an inclusive picture of ‘birth’ as one that highlights not external events but instead mirrors our inner experiences, experiences we feel when new capacities, possibilities and opportunities arise in our lives.

This year, our wonderful teachers gifted our students, parents and the wider community, three wonderful performances.

Enjoy these images taken at the High School performance on Thursday. Our thanks and appreciation to the teachers, staff and students who took to the stage, sang in the choir, or worked behind the scenes.