Sending Love to Sandra

12 November 2020

When Sandra slipped and broke her collarbone, the children gathered to water the gardens, dig out the compost and care for the gardens at Castlecrag. They also made a plethora of gifts and cards which were delivered by Melony to her door. It is the measure of a great teacher, that the children can continue in their absence, with the same rhythm and enthusiasm. We all wish Sandra a speedy recovery and return! Look at all the composts, watering, flowers, bees, the playground and cups of tea in these cards! Playgroup has continued beautifully thanks to lovely Carly from Preschool, who has enjoyed visiting Castlecrag and meeting all of Sandra's playgroup children. Said Sandra from home: “I am so pleased that they know what to do, even though I am not there! They have learned how to garden, compost and fertilise from Playgroup through Preschool, Kindergarten and it continues through the Primary school. When one person in the team steps out, everyone else knows how to keep all the cycles going. I am enormously grateful to the children and their teachers for coming forward to continue caring for the plants and the animals in all the school gardens until I return.”