To Mum with Love - Mother's Day gifts

06 May 2021

Now that the special day has come and gone, we can share with you some of the beautiful things the children made especially for Mother's Day.

Little Kindy and Class 2 felted soaps, Class 1 stitched gum leaf bookmarks out of hand-dyed felt, Class 3 crocheted brooches and placed holders with their first crochet! Class 4 embroidered lavender pillows and made hand-sewn paper cards.  Over at Middle Cove, Class 5 made clay vases with dried flowers, Class 6 made baskets out of Bangalow Palms, Year 7 baked delicious shortbread with fresh flower petals from the garden, and Year 8 made their own beeswax wraps button brooches. What a bounty of beautiful things for mums and carers. We trust our Mums enjoyed their beautiful hand-crafted gifts.