School Uniform Recycling Program

17 February 2022

Glenaeon is pleased to be taking part in a School Uniform Recycling Program, run by program-partner Worn Up, for a trial period which is fully funded by Willoughby City Council. The program allows textile waste to be diverted from landfill and turned into raw material for new products, which is great for the environment. Glenaeon students can bring their old worn-out uniforms to school and place them into the collection POD which will be delivered soon to our Middle Cove campus.

So now families have an additional option to dispose of uniforms no longer needed:

Uniforms that still are of good quality can be:

  1. Donated to the school and sold through the Second Hand Uniform Shop (please ask your child to drop items to Sarah at Reception)
  2. Privately sold to other parents via the Buy Swap Facebook group:

Shirts, jumpers, shorts and skorts, pants and hats that are no longer fit for wear, can be placed in the recycling POD which will be housed at Reception.  We encourage all families to review their uniforms and ask students to bring clothing no longer wearable to Reception and place in the POD.

Please note that the second hand uniform shop is currently closed due to COVID restrictions but students can still drop donations to Sarah at Reception.

For any questions about this program, please email Sarah at Reception