Sandra’s weekly visit to the Kindergarten

18 August 2022

Each morning in Little Kindy when we start the day we sing:

"Rinka, rinka rosie ray, what day is it today?"

On Tuesday the children recall it is Porridge Day, Painting Day and yes of course it’s SANDRA DAY. Yes, this is the day that Sandra comes to visit Little Kindy on her way to the garden. We must remember to save a bowl of porridge for her.  We all look forward to Sandra joining us at our table. After we finish our porridge the children are keen to join Sandra and her helper Gucchi in the garden where they work each week with the children of all three Kindergartens. 

Last week Sandra brought a special healing mixture to paste on the trees and plants that had been pruned or had broken branches. This wonderfully tactile, cooling slurry (Sandra is the keeper of this special recipe) was lovingly and carefully spread over the cuts and wounds of our beloved trees as the children earnestly sang the tree pasting song: 

Healing healing medicine for our beautiful trees
Healing healing has begun
Soon our trees will be big and strong

Even the most rumbunctious and active kindergarten players were drawn into the calming qualities of the song as they participated in the healing and cooling magic of the tree pasting ritual. Sandra’s tree paste is not only transforming our trees but also our children!