PDHPE Bubble Soccer + Water Sports

02 November 2023

The PDHPE students in Yr 9 and 10 have been hitting the pitch, and the ocean, all while learning new skills.

As part of the Glenaeon Water sports program, the PDHPE Department team up with Balmoral Windsurfing and Sailing Club at beautiful Balmoral Beach!

Year 10 students have been spending their PE lessons learning to sail, to stand up paddle board (SUP) and to either windsurf or sea kayak (depending on conditions).

It is yet another way to get the students more active around water and expose the students to three more ways to move on water, building on Term 1’s water sports and surfing program. The weather has been great and students are expanding their knowledge and skills in the water on different water crafts.

Back on campus, in Year 9 PDHPE Extension, the students had a go at chasing a very small ball while cushioned by a huge bubble ball 1.5m x 1.5m, all while trying to score a goal.

When two bubbles collide, often intentionally, one student has to give, and one student will go down, fall, roll or tumble to the ground! No fear, the falls are well-cushioned and fun. Students can even do a 360-degree forward roll before coming to their feet again.

Other games such as bulrush were also played and what an exhaustingly, exhilarating experience. Our students had so much fun and who doesn’t love moving their body whilst dressed in a bubble?

Any younger student observing always ask when they can to try out this fun activity – and they will, when they get to Year 9!