"Reflection" by Year 10 student, Oscar Street

19 August 2021

Last Newsletter we shared the news that two Glenaeon High School students - Charlie Scharf, Year 8, and Oscar Street, Year 10 - had been shortlisted in the Mosman Youth Awards in Literature.

Oscar has kindly shared his shortlisted poem, titled, Reflection:




Waves of stars reflected on the ocean

Wash in from the sea, flowing into your sight

Like the ocean’s dark depths, your eyes shimmer

Strewn with the glowing sand of stars.


The milky way flows with them

Like sediment in a great river

Like dust in a whirling tornado,

Like cities on a giant earth.


The stars out-glowed only by the boulderous pearl,

The constant in changing,

The sovereign of the sky

The queen of the tide

The floating light of the moon.


But still, the moon in all its glory,

Is a holy dot on the star scattered void,

A void that encompasses all water and earth,

A void with the power to rip all to dust,

And a void with the power to create all life.


The boundless stretch of the eternal void,

The universe which contains the silver moon and sediment stars,

The stage that has acted every scene of reality…

Reflected in the eyes of one human,

An infinitely small human,

Who gazes into this giant sky and dreams.