Proud recyclers at Castlecrag ahead of National Recycling Week

29 October 2020

We are proud recyclers here at Castlecrag. Every day, the children help to sort and deliver the clean, sorted rubbish to the many different bins. We produce a surprisingly low amount of waste for a campus of over 100 people, thanks to our strong recycling and reusing programs. Nothing is wasted, and everything that can be upcycled, recycled or repurposed does not even make it into the bins! We have chickens, composts and gardens that use much of our waste. Children bring no wrappers or packaged foods to school, paper is recycled or composted, and the excess goes to our recycling bins. We sort paper (blue bin), glass/metal (yellow bin), soft plastics (taken back to the supermarket), and pride ourselves a very low landfill output (the red bins). We have solar panels for power, and operate mostly off-grid, repair and resell our toys at our fair (not this year due to COVID-19), and turn our plant waste into fertilisers and plant food. It's worth the effort, with the children learning how important it is to take care of our own planet and place. Every week is National Recycling Week at Glenaeon, with the national environmental campaign kicking off on November 9.