Year 9 PE bubbles with fun

27 March 2020

On Thursday 12 March, our Year 9 PE Extension class were involved in a one-off bubble soccer session learning about body control, balance, momentum and force while being strapped into a big bubble. The aim was to operate on a field to kick a ball into a goal while maintaining balance and not fall over when being 'bounced' by an opposing player.

It is a very engaging sport that requires a lot of stamina and energy to do for a prolonged period of time as current bumps lead to repeated and fun-filled falls which can even end up being 360 degrees roll over into a stand-up position again as the bubbles are round and allow for a full body turn while strapped to them safely.

The class truly enjoyed this niche sport and were physically exhausted but energised by the incredible fun this strenuous exercise provided.

In their quest to explore different sport and sports opportunities within and outside the school gates this was their last opportunity this term due to the wide-ranging COVID-19 closures and cancellations affecting the PE Department’s High School program.