Playgroup families connect on ZOOM

08 May 2020

Some of Sandra’s regular Tuesday and Wednesday Playgroup Families connected over ZOOM yesterday. It was the first time parents and carers were able to connect since the COVID19 restrictions were put in place over a month ago.  During the joyous session (with song and movement) Sandra led an adult discussion on ‘golden moments’ and other child development themes, and the group discussed how COVID19 had impacted them and their children.  There were many moments of recognition over the struggles that COVID 19 has created for families and the happy memories that past Glenaeon Playgroups have brought too. 

Whilst, nothing quite compares to an actual physical and traditional Rudolf Steiner influenced Playgroup, the families told Sandra that they were very happy to have had the opportunity for social connection, the chance to learn more about Steiner Education’s approach to early childhood development, and the ability to pick up new and different ideas for enjoying this time at home with our children.

The Zoom calls for Playgroup Families will continue with demand and a new Zoom session may be opened up to new families and families in regional areas who might wish to learn more about the attributes of traditional Steiner Playgroups.


Playgroup Zoom enquiries: Sandra Frain