Play is Enjoyed Individually and Together

30 August 2023

Play is enjoyed individually and together: children and adults in Glenaeon Playgroups!

Our rocking horses provide an opportunity for bringing ourselves into motion in a contained way. Keeping ones’ balance while rocking back and forth repeatedly with a song to mark the time is joyous at all seven of our playgroups.

While the children are (usually) riding alone on the rocking horse, there are other children watching, waiting their turn, or perhaps riding along- side on a companion horse. Adults sing a rocking song and laughter permeates the playgroup room.

What laughter we have when an adult joins the rocking horse riding too. Why should the children have all the fun? Adults too enjoy the soothing and exciting sensations in ‘standing motion’.

The children and adults have been excited to crawl in the tunnel at Castlecrag campus and up the steps on the new climbing structure at our Preschool Campus. New skills are developed, and friendships formed as we play and share life in a group setting.

Many adults exclaim that they get as much out of our playgroups as the children do. Our Playgroup educators emphasise the healthy balance of play and meaningful tasks for all ages. The adults too feel safe to learn and grow together. Our adult discussions are carefully facilitated to encourage this social support.

To join our Playgroup Families contact: Sandra Frain