Photos from ISD Athletics Carnival

20 September 2019

On a rather rainy and overcast day 48 Glenaeon athletic competitors, who were carefully selected as the best in their respective gender and age group, set off to compete in  the ISD Athletics Carnival at ES Marks Athletics Fields adjacent to Centennial Park for some wet but great competitions in 10 events: 100m, 200, 400, 800, 1500m, shot put, javelin, discus, high jump, long jump and 4x100m relay  racing.

Many great results were achieved, and many were just a bit unlucky to end up 4th in their events  (in fact 18 4th spots were gained!).

11 students came third in their events, 15 came even second an 1 whopping 11 events were won across all age groups and offered events. Some fantastic competitors even won in two different categories (Scarlet McQueen in Yr 9and Jake Fisher, Yr 7).
8 students qualified for the next level of our ISD Association, the AICES Athletics Championships. Congratulations to all competitors, and the place getters in particular.
The champions 2019 who achieved 1st places in their chosen events were:
Cameron Henwood (Yr 10)
Scarlet McQueen (Yr 9)
Wesley Arconati (Yr 9)
Ivan Moore (Yr 8)
Maadi Prasad (Yr 8)
Elke Mueller (Yr 8)
Sophia Thompson (Yr 8)
Jake Fisher (Yr 7)