Paul the bus driver to retire at end of this year

03 December 2021

Paul has been driving our Northern Beaches Charter Bus for the past seven years and he will retire at the end of this year. He will be driving via Greenfield Avenue on his last run on Wednesday 8th December and we will present him with a gift from the school.

One of our High School Students (thank you Scarlett) has very thoughtfully made a card for all the students to sign. The card is now at Middle Cove Reception so everyone who wants to, can sign it. Please encourage/remind your child to sign the card.

We asked Paul a couple of questions about his time safely transporting our students to and from school:

Q: What are the Glenaeon students like?
Paul: I have a well behaved bunch of kids on my bus, I haven’t had any major dramas.

Q: What will you remember/miss the most about the Glenno bus run?
Paul: I won’t miss getting up at 5:30am every day!  I’ll miss the kids, watching them develop and grow.  The parents are all really great too.  I’m also grateful for the connection I have with the staff, I feel very much part of the Glenaeon team.