Parent Ed Term 1: Supporting your child's education at home with Mary Heard

17 February 2023

How do we create a home environment that best supports Steiner Education in the younger years?

In this workshop, Mary will take you through practical ways to simplify your environment, your family rhythms, your schedule and the adult content in your homes to keep your child in a calm, relaxed state. This will create a home that fully supports your child’s learning and development

Areas we will cover include:

·         How to keep children calm and well rested to encourage attentiveness and openness to learning.

·         How to coordinate the home and school rhythm to bring predictability and alignment into our days.

·         How to create security and connection at home to provide a relaxing environment for our children to breathe out.

·         How to protect our children’s sense of wonder from the pressures of the commercial world, so they don’t lose the innocence of childhood and the developmental opportunities inherent in this important stage of life.

This workshop will be suitable for parents of children up to 9 years of age.
Speaker: Mary Heard, Simplicity Parenting expert
Wednesday 15 March
Marion Mahony Griffin Hall, Castlecrag campus

Free event for Parents.
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