Open Day 2023 Wrap Up

23 March 2023

Last Friday, Glenaeon welcomed over 300 visitors to our 2023 Open Day. It was a sparkling morning to showcase our spectacular Middle Cove campus, and we greeted our guests with a warm hello. A very special thank you to our wonderful Year 11 student ambassadors who conducted tours and made our prospective families feel welcome. Guests were treated to displays that highlighted the many ways Glenaeon provides a unique and nurturing environment for learning and thriving. 
Our visitors were invited to view classes like blacksmithing, PDHPE, food chemistry, Japanese, philosophy and art. Our Year 10 cohort rehearsed their musical performances for the crowds, herb tea and bread were served in our biodynamic garden and guests explored our outdoor education program equipment and heard stories of journeys to places with scenery to take your breath away. Our Head of School, Diana Drummond addressed families in the amphitheatre, and coffee and muffins were a hit from the Gentle Cafe. Guests purchased gifts from the Grassroots Ecostore pop up shop and viewed displays from our playgroups and primary school.

When one primary school student visiting with her dad was asked how she liked the school, she said, "it is so lovely to look outside the classroom and see green trees instead of traffic!" Another visiting student said, "I am a big fan of chemistry, I loved watching that class".

A huge thank you to the many staff and students that made the day possible. You are the reason why people had such wide grins on their faces when they left the front gates. 

Enjoy a photographic snapshot of the morning below or visit our Instagram for the highlight 'Open Day 2023'.