Ming Sun's Year 12 Design and Technology Major Project

15 May 2019

Ming Sun is solving a common problem with an innovative solution!

Ming Sun is solving a common problem with an innovative solution! He's redesigning school lockers to be space efficient, functional as well as creating a better physical and aesthetic environment for the locker hubs in the school. His design centres around the hexagonal beehive shape - larger than a regular locker with a more practical shape inside. It is wider, to accommodate a big backpack (it can even fit two!), folders and books, and has an an optional 'personals' shelf for instruments or keys. The lockers are modular, in that they can be stacked in varying formations, according to space and requirements. Click below to see more.

The organic shape has increased volume (measured) compared to a regular locker. His bright yellow prototypes are both eye-catching and reminiscent of beehive honeycomb. They are manipulable and can be stacked - they can even have a shelf between two of them and be customised. The prototype is made of plywood, and the final product would be made from high quality marine ply if built in wood. They can fit into small spaces, and are light enough to move as the years progress in high school. The final product is yet to be completed - Ming is working with a completely different material for the second prototype - a wire mesh bent into a hexagonal shape, covered in a waterproof 'travel sack'. This is more durable in outdoor weather, and much cheaper and easier to maintain. Ming is in the process of writing his journal, which is an integral part of the HSC requirements. He must write reports, analyse his steps and discoveries and explain the theory behind his design and process. An interesting beehive fact is that the hexagonal shape has not only the maximum volume per perameter, but also uses the least wax and gives the most space inside a beehive. We look forward to seeing the final product!