Mid Winter Party 2019

26 June 2019

Last Saturday’s MidWinter Party was a wonderful evening of fun and community. We owe some key parents of Year 7 a debt of gratitude: not just for organising the Ball, but for taking the risk of holding it offsite at the Treehouse Hotel, and in the process, reinventing what is a much loved event in the school’s calendar.

It was a fabulous night with great energy and enthusiasm especially in support of the parent band with some teachers adding in guest performances. Katherine Arconati revealed a side of her personality that is not usually present in her Class 3 teacher persona, and PE teacher Jonas Stoebe’s rendition of 99 Luftballons was so revered that he performed an encore later in the night! There was a great sense of warmth, fun and community spirit. 

Apparently staff at the venue commented on how the Glenaeon crowd was a wonderful, polite group and we were welcome back anytime! 170 tickets were sold and there were a total of 47 auction items - the event and auction combined raised $15,000 for the school. A goodly amount of the parent community was involved as some who donated were unable to attend on the night, and many thanks to year 9 parent Felicity Cutts for coordinating the silent auction.

We thank Claire Weir for spearheading the Year 7 effort, organising the venue and so much else in preparing the evening.

Events Coordinator Clare Gordon provided much assistance and liaison with the school.

We thank the following people for their work on the night: 

  • The Band: David Chapman, Jules Munro, Adriaan Mees, Bill Arconati, Sam Graham, John Lewis, Ben Weir, Katherine Arconati, Jonas Stoebe, Cameron Daddo, Nick Kennedy, Nell Yeo (all of whom not only performed on the night, but who put in hours of preparation and rehearsal).
  • The Photographer: Benjamin Monet-Demarbre.
  • The GPA: Matthew Browne, Melanie Harper
  • The Parents: Thank you to all parents who attended and supported this much loved annual event.

Thank you to the following parents and friends of the school who generously donated to the silent auction:
Phil Heads, Samantha Graham, Michael & Deanne Hardwick, Ian Leong, Marianne Scharf, Mandy Ferguson, Sabine Simmonds, Aaron & Jocelyn Low, Peter Gilmour, Paul Hutton, Damian de Boos-Smith, Danielle Vandenberg, Matt & Michelle Bradbury, Anne Mundie, Jungah Kim, Benjamin & Amanda Monnet-Demarbre, Andy Amos, Cameron & Ali Daddo, Sophie Henson, Ben Wilmot, Rose Aung Thein, Rachelle Rose, Amanda Bidder, Stephen & Naomi Aboud, Trish Van Asten, Matt & Karen Ward, Kevin Kremer, Karina Leahy, Dominic van der Merwe, Kari Hamele, Samantha Lang, Sharne Fielder, Jenny Lacey, Christina Wilson, Trish Crampton, Giselle Clarke, Liz Dunn, Sarah Cameron & Irene Filipoppoulos, Holly & Alex Cope, William Lindsay, Helen O’Riordan, Cassandra Grass, Ally Seymour-Smith, and Julia Riedl.

They say that the mark of a healthy and successful school is that its community has fun together on a regular basis. Last Saturday was certainly that!