Memorable Moments for Class 4 Happy Campers

27 November 2020

Class 4 had a wonderful first camp experience on the oval recently and were lucky to squeeze it in amongst all of the other Term 4 camps happening at the moment.  Despite summer heat and a sleepless night, the children had a wonderful time exploring our local area with smiles and laughter.  This experience supplemented the local geography main lesson which had to be taught remotely in Term 2 and the first Australian history main lesson they just completed.  We revisited some of our favourite spots from our Castlecrag bushwalks and discovered new beauty north of our campus, including a favoured bathing spot frequented by early residents of the Sydney Harbour area.  Memorable moments abounded but none will surpass the shock of the sprinklers coming on just as they were drifting off to sleep on Thursday night!  Our campus and its location are a gift to be cherished and appreciated every day.  I felt so blessed to be where we are with such a fantastic group of children and staff.  Thanks to KG, Scottie and Dani for taking time away from their busy schedules to make this moment happen for Class Four.

Katherine Arconati
Class 4 Teacher