Meeting the Governor: Glenaeon's gold award winners

27 March 2020

Class of 2019 students Nikolas Peter, Jaz Miller Hill, Annabelle Kensey-Galvin, Thomas Williams and Alara Sagan achieved the International Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. On 11th March, the now GlenX Alumni were presented with their Award certificates by the Governor of NSW, Her Excellency, Margaret Beazley, at a ceremony in the city before heading to Government House to enjoy a morning tea hosted by Her Excellency. Unfortunately, Jaz was absent from the ceremony and due to attend another one in the near future. Congratulations to these students for their outstanding achievement. The recipients of the award had their personal reflection read out as they were awarded their certificate.

Some of the Reflections: 

Alara - My highlight of The Award was the Gold Residential Program at a primary school in Katherine, Northern Territory. There, I found a passion for assisting rural communities and once I complete my nursing degree, I am inspired to move to the NT and work in a remote area. 

Annabelle - The Duke of Edinburgh Award was a highly rewarding experience which provided me with new skills, confidence and both physical and emotional challenges.  This was a great opportunity and has taught me important skills for the future.

Jaz - I found the Duke of Ed experience very rewarding as I learnt a lot and got to experience new and exciting things as well as facing challenges that helped me learn and grow. For my service I coached AFL to junior players, while for part of my physical I played AFL myself, going to the gym on the side to complete the hours required. The highlight of completing the award was designing and doing the physical journey. The hikes that I went on were truly rewarding, challenging me in many ways and building up my resilience to the outdoors. Overall my gold Duke of Ed experience was one that I will never forget.