Meet the Team - Sally Mock

09 May 2023

What is your new role at Glenaeon?

I teach both English and Society and Culture at Glenaeon. I am also the Year 12 Guardian, along with Pamela Laycock. 

What experience do you bring to Glenaeon?

I completed a Bachelor of Law/Arts at the Australian National University before deciding upon a career in teaching. After undertaking my Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of New South Wales, I worked in public education for six years, teaching English, Society and Culture and Visual Arts. I was the Year Advisor at my previous school, taking the Year 11 cohort through to Year 12. I also have a background in creative arts, which I still pursue in my own time.  

What are your interests?

I love to surf, read, paint, and make functional pottery on the wheel. I am passionate about mental health, educating myself in wellbeing practices. 

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

Getting to know the students at Glenaeon and immersing myself in the beautiful community. I was particularly excited about the MidWinter Festival celebrated this week and seeing this tradition come to life.

Thrilled to have you at Glenaeon, Sally!