Meet the Team - Maureen Fraser

09 May 2023

What is your new role at Glenaeon?

I am the new Head of Student Support Services. I will be overseeing support for students from K-12. I predominantly work with the Learning Enrichment Staff, Teachers, Students and Parents on creating Individualised Learning Plans, supporting teachers with materials for lesson differentiation and working alongside specialists to support student learning and wellbeing.

What experience do you bring to Glenaeon?

I have had a vast array of experiences in several schools, predominantly in Melbourne. Along with a specialist degree in Special Education, I also have degrees in Educational Psychology and Physical Education. I am hopeful that my experience across the areas of physical and emotional health as well as educational support brings a broad understanding of the value of difference and the gift of uniqueness and individuality.

What are your interests?

My main hobby is Health and Wellness, primarily through sport and sporting endeavours. I am a keen runner, cyclist and gym-goer. I enjoy participating in sport but also spectating. I enjoy reading a broad range of books and love spending time in nature, particularly forests and beaches. Spending time with family is one of my greatest joys.

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

I am excited to bring new experiences to the role and looking forward to immersing myself in the school community, getting to know the staff, students and parents. I hope my knowledge and passion in the area of Student Support can be shared amongst staff and students as we work together to develop in the development of healthy, balanced individuals.

Great to have you here, Maureen!