Meet the Teacher - Nour Tohamy

09 May 2023

What is your new role at Glenaeon?
My roles are Class 5 Assistant, alongside Class 5 Teacher Lucy Armstrong, and casual relief.

What experience do you bring to Glenaeon?
Having been in a few different environments through science teaching, spiritual circles and art ventures, I hope to harmonise, and bring forth the beauty of each field in a manner that is beneficial for the children. I am also enrolled in the Rudolf Steiner Primary Teacher (PTF) course, so I bring my newly discovered curiosity.

What are your interests?
I enjoy art, music, cooking, and good conversation!

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?
I am excited to observe and learn from Lucy as she beautifully orchestrates her class. I am also keen to be more connected to other Steiner teachers/enthusiasts and witness the application of theories in a professional setting.

Welcome Nour!