Meet Pooja, Preschool's New Teaching Assistant (Monday-Wednesday group)

25 February 2021

My name is Pooja Munjal. I am originally from India, and I moved to Australia about seven years ago.  It's been five years since I was introduced to Steiner education and my journey has just been awesome from there on. Both my daughters age 9 and 12 go to Lorien Novalis Steiner school in Dural and my husband works as a Business Analyst.

It's not just the education, it's the lifestyle that we adapt. It guides you to take up each task through the heart and bring joy into that.

I have taken up Early Childhood teaching to bring a love of learning to children.  I have completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education (EYLF) and the Foundations Course in Steiner Early Childhood.  For the past few years, I've worked as a casual staff member in Lorien Novalis Steiner Preschool and also have two years of experience in Montessori teaching.

I love yoga and nature walks. I am also fond of cooking and reading books on spirituality, health and wellness.