Meet our new Head of Drama, Brenton Fletcher

15 September 2022

What do you teach?  /What is your role?
I am the new Head Teacher of Drama and currently teach Drama and English.

How long have you been at Glenaeon?
I have been at Glenaeon for four weeks now.

Where were you prior? What are your experience and credentials?
Before Glenaeon, I was a Pastoral Care Coordinator and Teacher in Charge of Drama at Brigidine College, Randwick, and before that Drama, Film Studies and VET: Entertainment Industry Teacher at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts for about ten years. 

I have had the opportunity to produce a lot of plays and musicals in that time and love that Glenaeon always has a chance to showcase Drama regularly.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about the impact the Arts can have on a child’s development and believe it is ready for its renaissance within our world. By bringing this passion to Glenaeon, I hope students will continue to use Drama and its valuable learnings within their interactions with the broader world.

What are you looking forward to most in your role?
I am teaching Drama practical ways to revitalize a student’s imagination, learning and skills for effective communication and collaboration. Additionally, I am going to start co-curricular Drama groups at Glenaeon for students to be able to play with Dramatic experiences regularly. 

What do you love about Glenaeon?
The Glenaeon culture is warm yet vibrant. Students have a strong sense of curiosity, and this is an extraordinary skill for the Drama classroom. I see beauty in so many ways across the school, both from the natural environment, the ways students and staff express themselves through various artistic endeavours and the kindness of spirit that comes from the students. 

What is one of your favourite places on campus so far?
As a dramatist, I do feel completely at home in theatres. I, therefore, enjoy spending time in the Sylvia Brose Hall, assisting with current productions and envisioning future theatre to be performed in the space.


Class 6-8 Junior Glenaeon Drama Club (Friday– 3:30 pm -5:00 pm)
Class 9-11 Senior Glenaeon Drama Company (Monday – 3:45 pm -5:30 pm) 

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