Meet Jennifer Stone

28 January 2021

We have some wonderful new teachers on staff here at Glenaeon. Over the course of Term 1, we will introduce you to some of the new faces in upcoming editions of the Newsletter. First up - Class 1 Teacher, Jennifer Stone.

What is your new role at Glenaeon?
My new role at Glenaeon is that of Class Teacher, beginning with Class One.

What experience do you bring to Glenaeon?
Along with many experiences in the School of Life, l have led Steiner playgroups and assisted in Kindergarten at Glenaeon, taught at Lorien Novalis and completed a teaching cycle at Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School.

What are your interests?
My interests are in anthroposophy, theatre, poetry, theatre, design, theatre, music, theatre, yoga, theatre. And theatre. I also love to travel and have spent time in Paris, New York and Japan. Mostly chasing theatre. Despite the cosmopolitan nature of the above list, Nature is my best friend and greatest teacher.

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?
I am looking forward to getting to know the beautiful children in my new class and establishing a healthy rhythm for our troupe.