Meet Emily Fam – Glenaeon’s Student Wellbeing Coordinator

11 March 2021

What is your new role at Glenaeon?
I’m the new Student Wellbeing Coordinator and this role is new to Glenaeon this year. Its aim is to support the Deputy Heads of School in ensuring the physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the students from Kindergarten – Year 12. This includes providing one-on-one support for students, as well as implementing broader programs across the school.

What experience do you bring to Glenaeon?
I have 10+ years volunteer and professional experience in supporting young people and families in a variety of contexts including mental health, alcohol and drugs, OOHC/foster care and homelessness. I have worked with young people facing many challenges, some of which include anxiety, depression, trauma, peer and social relationship struggles, low self-esteem, eating disorders, bullying and family breakdown. As a social worker, I have a passion for working from a strengths based, holistic approach to support those I’m working alongside to feel seen, nurtured and empowered.

What are your interests? (hobbies etc)
Some of my favourite hobbies include bushwalking, the ocean, reading, dancing, travelling and sharing delicious meals with friends and family. I have probably set the world record for the amount of times watching the entirety of the series Gilmore Girls, and I also love nerding out on many podcasts that involve any of my interests including low tox and slow living, integrative health, birth and anything by Brené Brown.

What are you most excited about for the year ahead?
The students I have already been able to engage with have made me very excited to continue getting to know and work with more students through individual support and broader programs as the year progresses. In my short time here at Glenaeon, I have already known the students to be empathetic, mature, kind and welcoming, which has been beautiful to see. I also look forward to working in an environment where I get to see the bush every day.