Mayoral visit

10 June 2022

This week Glenaeon hosted a visit from the Mayor of Willoughby City Council Tanya Taylor, meeting with Head of School Andrew Hill and Operations Manager Chris Scrogie. Tanya knows many Glenaeon students and a number of parents in her role as long term leader of the Sailors Bay Sea Scouts, and there were a few surprised looks of recognition as she sat and enjoyed a coffee at the Gentle Café. Mayor Taylor was accompanied by Councillor Robert Samuels who recently joined Council representing our local Middle Harbour Ward. Tanya and Robert were interested in a number of local issues of great importance to the school: our traffic management plan and in particular our intent to push for a 40 kilometre per hour zone on Eastern Valley Way where our students cross at the intersection with Victoria Avenue. They committed to promoting our request to the Traffic Committee which makes recommendations to the government authority the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services). We invited Mayor Taylor to return to address a high school assembly where she will outline the role of local government and how students can be more active in their local area.