Marion Mahony Griffin Lecture this Sunday

17 November 2022

The Walter Burley Griffin Society will be holding its Marion Mahony Griffin Lecture in our Marion Mahony Griffin Hall next Sunday 20th November. There was a recent exhibition in the National Archives of Australia which featured a large mural that Marion painted in 1932 in the hallway of the George B. Armstrong Elementary School in Chicago (see pic). Her sister was a teacher there at the time, and on Marion’s return to the US for a short period she spent some time completing this remarkable mural as a gift to the school. It’s still there!

We have arranged to have a reproduction made on poly canvas that can be hung for special occasions, such as this lecture, on the walls of our Hall. The canvas enables the mural to be rolled up and stored during normal Hall use. Former Director Malcolm Day and Joy Day are very kindly assisting in the project, and it strengthens our connection with the Burley Griffin heritage, and Castlecrag, and Marion’s origins in Chicago. Glenaeon Teacher Glennis Mowday has visited the Armstrong school and viewed the mural.