Love Bites

06 May 2021

On Thursday 22nd April, Year 9 and Year 10 participated in the Love Bites Program. Love Bites is a respectful relationships program developed by NAPCAN, and aims to provide a safe environment in which young people can discuss and learn about their rights and responsibilities in relationships, how to identify signs of unhealthy relationships, information regarding providing consent, and, ways to access support if needed – all information that is currently prevalent in the media.

Love Bites ran for a full day with two interactive sessions followed by a creative workshop through which the students were able to create their own campaigns displaying ways they would like to see respectful relationships promoted. Some of the campaign drawings created by the students are displayed.

We had 10 external facilitators delivering the program to Years 9 and 10, who were separated into four groups. These facilitators provided wonderful feedback, expressing that the students were incredibly well behaved and engaged in the program content with immense insight, critical thinking and emotional maturity. The Love Bites facilitator coordinator said she felt Glenaeon is one of the best schools they have presented in.

At the conclusion of the program, without the direction of a teacher, a few of the students in the different classrooms made an announcement on behalf of the rest of the class to thank the facilitators for spending the day with Glenaeon and for all they had shared. Many of the facilitators were so impressed by the initiative and maturity displayed by the students in their gratitude.  One of the facilitators mentioned to me that she wished she could have her time again, and she would send her children to Glenaeon. 

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time throughout the day between the different groups, and hearing the discussions of the students. I especially enjoyed observing the way the students manage difference of opinion so respectfully. We look forward to welcoming Love Bites back for future years. 

Emily Fam
Student Wellbeing Coordinator