Looking to the future; looking back

12 November 2020

The time of the year is upon us, in the outdoor education world, where we begin to plan the journey for 2021. We are hoping next year flows along in a smooth, more rhythmic pattern allowing us to provide all those extra experiences to our community.

Scottie and I are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for another elective expedition program for students (and hopefully one for parents), exploring Far North Queensland’s more remote stretches of wilderness.

Hinchinbrook Island is one of those rugged, wild places: turquoise water, met by soaring cliff lines, fringed by jurassic vegetation that rises up to peaks over one thousand metres tall. In 2019 a group of Year 10 and Year 11 students and a group of Glenaeon parents explored Hinchinbrook Island by sea kayak. This short film captures just some of the journey to this remarkable place. Keep your eyes on the Newsletter for updates about Hinchinbrook expeditions in 2021.

Kristen Gardner
Outdoor Education Teacher