Little Kindergarten Celebrate Persian and Polish Festivals

11 April 2023

Little Kindergarten recently enjoyed a double cultural celebration. March 21 was the Persian New year and we celebrated this special occasion with the traditional story of Amu Nowruz and Nane Sarma (also known as Grandma Frost). Nane Sarma eagerly waits for her beloved Amu to visit as he does once a year in the beginning of the Spring, however she falls asleep preparing things and the kind-hearted Amu Nowruz did not want to wake her. Instead, heleaves flowers in her hair, ate half of the apple and drank some of the tea she prepared, before continuing his journey.

The children enjoyed this beautiful story with handmade felt puppets. One family kindly brought in traditional decoration for the occasion and we shared Persian cookies made by the Little Kindy children. The children then received a gift of an apple which represents ‘beauty’ with 2 hands. It was truly wonderful celebration.

On the last day of the Term 1, we celebrated Easter with a Polish/Czech/Slovakian tradition of a lamb-shaped bread made by a parent. The children loved seeing this special bread ever so carefully and beautifully decorated!