Kindergartens go Apple Picking with Farmer Cedric

06 April 2022

"Let's leave the city and leave the town
For we're off to visit Cedric's farm
Along the highway, busy and fast
Far over the mountain.. Phew, we're there at last.
At Cedric's Farm there's lots to see
There's apples, blueberries and a big oak tree
There's oranges, pears and pumpkins too
It's Harvest time and there's lots to do!"

The Kindergartens came together to go apple picking at Bilpin Springs Orchard in the Blue Mountains recently. Meeting under the Old Oak Tree, they were taken around the orchard by Farmer Cedric, who showed them all the varieties and bounty of his farm - Golden Delicious, Gala Fuji, Granny Smith and more. Cedric is a special person to Glenaeon, as he was formerly a high school teacher at our school, before becoming a farmer and living at Bilpin. We love to visit Cedric and he always enjoys taking the children on a tractor ride after apple picking if the weather is good! The families all gathered for the picnic and enjoyed the day out together very much.