Kindergarten and Little Kindy students return to campus

15 May 2020

With COVID restrictions now being gradually eased, the Kindergarten teachers and children were delighted to be back in Kindergarten for two days this week. Despite our rather different start to the day, which involved a very quick goodbye to Mums and Dads at the gate or at the bottom of the Kindy stairs, we all quickly found our way back into the healing rhythmic flow of daily life in the Kindergarten. We were full of joy and enthusiasm as we heartily ate our Kindy morning tea, shared our stories and songs and happily worked and played in the golden light of the Kindy garden. By the end of two days we were once again full with all the magic and wholesome engagement that ‘real-life’ Kindy brings each day. Our time away from Kindergarten has affirmed above all, that the Kindergarten lives in the healing environment and rhythms that we create here each day in our beautiful campus at Castlecrag.  

Catherine Pilko