Kamaroi and Glenaeon Class 5s join for Greek Olympics

28 October 2022

On Tuesday the heavens mostly held back (only a small shower in the morning) after the previous day saw a soaking of our beautiful venues here at Glenaeon. Still, the forecast predicted warm weather and the High Priest’s presence in the morning to declare the Class 5 Ancient Greek Olympic Games at Glenaeon open, must have helped too. The keen and excited Kamaroi and Glenaeon Class 5 students, their teachers Nicole and Cathy and the helpers Daisy (PE teacher from Kamaroi) and Kathy (class aide here at Glenaeon) were ready to go and support Jonas as head coach and organiser and the parents as judges in the many events. The decision to keep the event small, and invite our sister school Kamaroi to our most beautiful oval paid off as other public fields may have been closed by council due to rain saturation, so a larger event would not have been possible. While rain was a worry for us too, good preparatory work by maintenance made it an injury free event enjoyed by all. The beauty, sportsmanship and determination that were all part of how the ancient Greeks looked at sport performances more broadly, could all happen with much success for the city states of Thebes, Athens, Corinth and Sparta.

All students dressed in tunics representing their city state competing in friendly spirit in long jump, discus, javelin, wrestling, marathon running (400m), 100m sprint, 4x100m relay races and a chariot race to round up a very enjoyable and fun-filled day.

The day was made more special by the appearance of the high priest of God Zeus, the fine food shared by all, the wonderful dance by the Glenaeon Class 5 students, by songs and verses in the opening and closing ceremonies of the day. The wonderful parent communities of Kamaroi and Glenaeon seamlessly worked together to support this event to make it a very special day in the Steiner primary school journey.

Many wristbands could be seen on students’ wrists - one indication of their achievements over the day and in the closing ceremony medals and headbands were awarded to celebrate individual strength and skill and success within the city states. Thebes came away with having the most talented athletes in their ranks but no one went home without recognition of their achievements!

It is a true Steiner community event in which parents, teachers and the students in our care create something wonderful and unique that will hold in their memories for many years to come.

A big thank you to all who contributed to this fine day!