Juniors news - Class 4 excursion, Class 3 skipping and woodwork

09 April 2019

Class 4 takes 'a bird's eye view'

Developing their measurement skills learned in Class 3, Class 4 takes 'a bird's eye view' and, in rising above, begin to map their desks, room, locality, route to school, bedroom and home. They learn about the local history and characters, including indigenous history, dreaming stories and the changes that have taken place over the years. Class 4 teacher Tamara shares:

"As some children in the class live in the Eastern suburbs we did the Bondi to Coogee walk incorporating geography, maths, science, the local area and mapping. Students took notes of landmarks and drew mud maps in their free drawing books on the bus which they have begun transferring into their Main Lesson books. Complete with a swim at Wylie’s Baths, it was a wonderful full-days adventure that was physically demanding for the children (6km), but rounded off with a relaxing ocean swim.  At Wylie’s Baths, the children engaged in sightings and interactions with octopus, sea urchins, anemones, starfish, hermit crabs and tiny green crabs that made for a wonderful play. It was a perfect day and a lovely memory and farewell for the end of Summer."

Skipping begins all the way back in Kindergarten, and is an integral part of physical development that is linked to brain development, coordination, as well as a great way to learn maths, sounds and rhymes! By Class 3, the children are skipping themselves in groups, running in and out and starting to do tricks. Here they are skipping with 5 in the rope before school starts! Class 3 also has a woodwork bench for lunch-time building - always a buzzing place with creativity afot.