ISD Touch Football Carnival

25 March 2021

Thursday 11 March was meant to be very wet but a courageous group of 36 Glenaeon touch football players travelled to Liverpool, joining 11 other schools to take part in the big ISD Touch Football Carnival.  Some of these schools can kindly be called ‘rugby schools’ meaning that their prime target in PE is to become good at the rugby, the original form of touch football. As a result, in some games, our teams assembled from students in Year 8 to Year 12, struggled to score. In other games though, we really surprised ourselves, winning four games, drawing three. Our main goal was to enjoy a day of physical activity. At times ‘robust’, the games were played in good spirit. We enjoyed a day of meeting other students from different schools and diverse cultures.

One group of friendly students even displayed their backflip skills to some of our older students in what looked like a ‘backflip mini clinic’ between games.

The weather was kind, and this resulted in a great day of outdoor and physical learning in which all students rose to the occasion becoming better players and team mates over the many touch games played.

Well done to all players and a special shout out to the those who scored tries: Remy B and Wesley (both Year 11), Rohan and Jayden (Year 9), Alex (Year 8), Sophie (Year 11), Elke (Year 10), Lotte (Year 9), Quinn (Year 8).

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