Interlude Exhibition at the Incinerator Art Space in Willoughby

04 November 2021

Handwork Teacher, Elizabeth Ellean had plans for a Year 8 excursion to the Interlude Exhibition at the Incinerator Art Space in Willoughby this term, however due to the current Level 3+ COVID-19 restrictions this is not possible.  Elizabeth would, however, like to encourage all students in High School who are interested in art and textiles get along to this exhibition.

“Interesting point that the building that the exhibition occupies is also designed by Walter Burley Griffin. He also designed the street scape and some houses in Castlecrag as well as his infamous design for Canberra.

“His partner Marion, was none the less and equally talented in her own right.  Glenaeon’s school hall at Castlecrag is indeed named after her. Marion was an artist as well as exceptional draftswoman and probably did a lot of the behind the scenes work that Walter is credited for. She also enjoyed performing Eurythmy with a small group who shared her interests, in the natural hillside theatre that was built into the landscape of Castlecrag.

“I would encourage families to get along to see this exhibition which promises to take you on a textile journey. The artists will be available to talk about their works, when you visit.”

‘Interlude’ runs from 10th to the 28th of November and the Incinerator Art Space is open Wednesdays to Sundays 10am to 4pm. There is a café above and the Willoughby Leisure Centre next door.

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