Important Drug and Alcohol workshop for Years 9-11

17 June 2021

Earlier this term, we were fortunate enough to have DAYSS (Drug & Alcohol Youth Support Service) return to school to run workshops with Year 9, 10 and 11, alongside two local Police Youth Liaison Officers. DAYSS previously came in Term 1 to run workshops with Year 8 and Year 12, and also ran a Parent Seminar via Zoom in early Term 2. 

The students enjoyed engaging in harm minimisation education in regards to drugs, alcohol and safe partying. Year 9 and 10 were able to try out the “beer googles relay”, a relay race whilst wearing googles that simulate what it is to be different levels of intoxication, as well as standard drink pouring. Lots of fun was had whilst learning, which is what the students and staff always love to see.