Honouring Jonas

03 February 2022

 Death may be terrible for the human being so long as he remains in the body. But when he has passed through the Gate of Death and looks back at his entrance into the Spiritual World, it is the most beautiful, the most wonderful, and the most glorious event.
- Rudolf Steiner

Our hearts ache for the loss of our dear friend, colleague, teacher and coach, Jonas. Our school grieves and we are sad collectively, and as individuals, as we begin to come to terms with a new reality.  This last week has been one of incredible hardship, and yet, the strength of this amazing community shines ever brightly.  Our students have supported each other and their teachers with wisdom and grace beyond their years, and the sound of their laughter and conversation across our campus’ has been tonic for our souls, and we are grateful for the outpouring of support from parents, carers and the extended Glenaeon community. Thank you.

Parents and Carers will have received notice of Jonas’ funeral tomorrow: 10am, Armenian Apostolic Church. 10 Macquarie St., Chatswood. We will share plans for a community tribute to Jonas early in Term 4.

Today our students at the Middle Cove campus created a mandala to honour Jonas and spend time together, and overall, they have traversed these hard days with such compassion for each other and for their teachers. As we head into the final days of Term 3, we will continue to actively support students and staff through additional resources. This holiday break will be especially important for families and staff to be together. Please take care over this time.

Good Luck Year 12!

Our Year 12s finish formal classes at the end of this term, marking an important milestone in their learning and life journey. Congratulations Year 12 and thank-you for all you have done to create a positive culture for others to follow. Your example has been one of shining positivity and warmth. You are a wonderful group of young adults!  We look forward to marking your final days next week with some special traditions and to celebrating the end of exams later in the year.

Diana Drummond
Head of School