Grassroots Eco Store – Supporting Your Immune System

06 August 2020

Supporting your immune system and general wellbeing is very important during the season of winter and especially now. A helpful range of Australian made and Weleda products are available in store. Tasmanian made by Southern Swan, Spahgni Eucalypti aids in supporting the breathing processes and it is especially useful in winter - the Eucalyptus works with the sense of smell to help reduce congestion. Locally made in NSW, a handmade range of long lasting goat's milk soaps to nourish and moisturise while cleansing to keep germs at bay. They are subtly scented with essential oils. From Byron Bay, handmade, organic Ayurvedic warming tea to enhance your immune system as well as a myriad of other benefits! Then there's Weleda's natural herbal and homoeopathic medicines to stimulate the body's own natural healing abilities by using the purest and (often) organic ingredients that nature provides. Good for yourself, your family or to gift a friend. Thank you for shopping locally at Grassroots Eco Store - a portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon. To shop by appointment please contact Felicity on 0416 035 173.

Opening Hours (and also by appointment)
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