Grassroots Eco Store – Local Beeswax and Honey

20 August 2020

New to the store are beautifully scented blocks of cosmetic grade, local beeswax. Back in store are delicious jars of honey made from bees in the Castlecrag bush. Beeswax candles, beeswax sheets for rolling your own candles and wicking are also available. Some of the benefits of burning beeswax candles are that they clean the air by producing negative ions which will help to neutralise pollutants present also eliminating dust, odours and mould. This may help to ease allergy and asthma symptoms, improve our health and our mood. Also, they burn cleanly without drips, smoke or toxic fumes. Come and take a look!

Rolling your own beeswax candles is simple. Watch this video to see how it’s done:

Thank you for shopping locally at Grassroots Eco Store - a portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon.
To shop by appointment please contact Felicity on 0416 035 173.



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