Going for gold in the Glenlympics

16 September 2021

With the Olympic and Paralympic flames extinguished, there is one remaining event still running – The Glenlympics. The casual competition between Mentor/Guardian groups has been heating up in the run up to the term break, with a late flurry of activity. In its second week the competition for the games is fierce!  Countries Saville, Totterdell and Rees are at the top of the medal count table with countries like Miller and Tang following up behind.  It is hoped that little known countries like van den Tol will find their way into the games as the momentum builds.  Teams Cisterne, Tang and van den Tol need only to get their points on the board! Some of the best performances are yet to take place, so it is still up in the air to who will take out the winning position.  Celebrating Spring is of course, one of the easiest challenges and before the end of the week, we are hoping to see lots of evidence the competitors can decorate their homes and themselves to acknowledge this long tradition! We envisage a big burst of activity before the end of term!

Team Saville       525 (special mention to Mya for her wonderful enthusiasm)
Team Totterdell   340
Team Rees          310 (with some late entry runs expected from Rohan)
Team Miller         135
Team van den Tol             
Team Tang        
Team Cisterne