GlenXers tie the knot

29 May 2020

We have some very joyful, happy news to share. Two graduates from Glenaeon have married.  Alumni Mary Parsch (Class of 1998) and Takeaki Totsuka (Class of 1995) have tied the knot. The pair wed on 21st March. Takeaki is the brother of Glenaeon’s Head of Department (Science) Yura Totsuka. The wedding was initially planned to be held at the Castelcrag campus, but had to be adapted when COVID-19 struck.  With only love in the air, the wedding took place with the couple, two witnesses and a celebrant present. They then moved to our beautiful Castlecrag school campus garden for the official photos.

On behalf of the entire Glenaeon community we congratulate the happy couple and wish them a lifetime of good health, happiness and prosperity. The garden looked so beautiful thanks to Glenaeon’s long-standing gardener Lindsay who has known the Parsch family for a long time.  

Are there any other GlenX weddings for the history books? Share your story with us via