Glenlympics – students are the winners!

04 November 2021

You may recall that last term, during the lockdown, Glenaeon Mentors and Guardians started the Glenlympics - a fun and entertaining competition between Mentor groups designed to ease some of the lockdown boredom and isolation, and encourage connection and team work amongst student groups.

It’s fair to say that some teams got into the spirit more than others, but as the week’s progressed the friendly games gained serious momentum. From iso-baking, outdoor runs, pet portraits and dress ups, the Glenlympics brought some fun and laughter to lift the lockdown blues!

We are pleased to announce the final results:

·         Maddy’s team 1st with 680 points

·         Jacqueline’s team 2nd 570 points

·         Alison’s team 3rd  510 points

Followed by Donna’s team Rene’s, Clair’s and Stanley’s group.

Special shout out to Mya Hill, Year 10, who was by far the most proactive contributor to the fun-filled competition and all those that dressed up on Day 1 Term 4 for extra points.